Bem Vindo! Welcome to LaSalette.  Let me invite you along for a journey, sharing my experiences and memories through the dishes we will serve you, all the while striving to create new memories with you.  When LaSalette opened in 1998, I had a dream of sharing Portuguese cuisine and culture with Sonoma through my cuisine Cozinha Nova Portuguesa.  This cuisine marries the flavors of Portugal with the bounty of Sonoma.  Our mission is the same today.

Each Menu item represents a recollection and experience that I hold dear in my heart.  Some of the memories embodied are of my childhood, growing up in a family of Portuguese immigrants in Sonoma County.  While other evoke a feeling that takes me back to my beloved homeland.  Others still, represent my evolution as a chef.  These experiences have been revived in each dish, by the techniques and ingredients used.

I am delighted to share LaSalette with you, and hope that by tasting your way through my memories and dreams, and celebrating your own, we can create new memories together.


Chef Manuel Azevedo